A Damaged windscreen can end up costing you more than you think!

Damaged Windscreens Can Incur on The Spot Fines of Up To $300 PLUS The Loss of One Point

Every state of Australia has different laws related to the level of fines and loss of points.

Based on Queensland state law, if your windscreen does not meet required safety standards, there is an ‘on-the-spot’ fine of up to $300 PLUS the loss of one point from your driver’s license.


This in itself should be enough to encourage you to have your windscreen checked by a professional. However, money and loss of points is not a death sentence and therefore is relatively minor in comparison to the consequences resulting from road accidents.

Just consider for a moment…the cost of replacing your windscreen is (on a car & depending on the model you drive), around $300! The same amount as the potential fine & you don’t lose points from your driver’s license. Additionally, you may be covered under your comprehensive insurance policy, so it may well cost you nothing.

So, if you have any doubts about the structural integrity of your windscreen, it makes sense to have your windscreen professionally inspected. All you need to do is call me and I’ll inspect your windscreen free of charge, no obligation; no ‘hard-sell’. My slogan is “Your Safety Is Our Vision” and having seen what I have over the past 26 years, I’m very serious about motor vehicle safety.

The other way to look at it is, the potential devastation caused by a motor vehicle accident and not just major accidents… I’ve seen serious injuries resulting from minor accidents.

If you or your family drive a motor vehicle, I encourage you to make a quick and simple phone call to arrange your professional inspection.  Whether you choose to call me or someone else, PLEASE DO IT! It could save your life or the life of someone you love.

Whoever you choose, just make sure they have the skills and experience necessary to give you well informed and professional advice.

I’ll be upfront with you here…I am keen to get your business & I have the necessary experience to ensure your auto-glass is safe and will ‘do its job’ in the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident.

Don’t leave the safety of you and your family to ‘chance’.

Give me a call and take advantage of my FREE ‘7 Point Safety Check’. We offer windscreen repair and replacement for cars throughout the Gold Coast and Yatala, We also repair and replace windscreens on trucks as well.